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{RECAP} Rice Kitchen’s launch and Mother’s Day

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Last Saturday was a fantastic autumnal day, perfect for Rice Kitchen’s first ever event!

The launch of Rice Kitchen on Mother's Day weekend was so special. We were able to showcase what we do best, cooking and serving great Asian food for family and friends. Our guests brought their mums, making this a true celebration of love and family values!

Rice Kitchen's guests and their mums

We also got the incredible support from Salt and Pepper, providing us with the most gorgeous dinnerware to showcase our food. It was truly amazing to see people enjoyed good food and company.

Salt and pepper dinnerware

We were very blessed to have Dani from Eat It Up Creative to be our host of the day. Among our guests were Kate Langbroek, Sofia Levin and a lot of Melbourne food bloggers including Iron Chef Shellie, Gastrology. And of course our family and friends.

Rice Kitchen's launch event

rice kitchen's launch event

Rice Kitchen's launch event

rice kitchen's launch event

rice kitchen's launch event

Here is what we had on the day!! The food was delicious, and our guests just loved them. You can cook the majority of items on the menu by ordering our FEAST BOX.

Rice Kitchen crispy fish-fu

Rice Kitchen coconut beef larb

We all had a great time and it was perfect way to kick off the weekend. 

We were really grateful to have a fantastic team to help us pull everything together. Go team Rice Kitchen!

Rice Kitchen's team

And a special thanks to Salt and Pepper, who provided us with the most gorgeous serve ware for the events.

We have a lot of new things lined up and will keep in touch soon!!

Rice Kitchen team

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