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Vietnamese Sunday Brunch - Hanoi Street Food Menu

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Hanoi Street Food menu set

Comprised of chaos and charms in equal parts, Hanoi is both fun to explore and a foodie’s dream. More often than not, the street is the stage where much of what food-related in Hanoi takes place. Street food of Hanoi can be found on the main streets, down many of the side streets and laneways. You will find places to eat sandwiched in between one another, residences and all kinds of businesses. And the selection of street food really does have something for everyone.

Hanoi style lettuce with prawn, pork terrine wrap

Diep Cuon – The healthy version of the traditional spring roll with fresh lettuce wrapped around cooked pork and cooked prawns, tied with a spring onion, dipped into the sweet and savoury sauce. 

Wagyu Phở - rare David Blackmore wagyu slices and slow cooked brisket

Vietnamese love to enjoy nourishing noodle soup to start the day and Pho is the rock star of Vietnamese cuisine is usually consumed for breakfast and lunch locally. Hanoians don't garnish their pho with lots of sauces and herbs. We simply let the healing and flavourful bone broth sing. And that's where the premium Australian beef works the magic here.

Savoury sticky rice - coconut braised pork belly and soft-boiled eggs, prawn floss, pickle and cucumber

Xoi - sticky rice is another dish that you'll find in every corner of Hanoi. This hearty and savoury dish is great for a chilly day. There are many variations to “xoi” and can be eaten throughout the day. And the rich caramelised pork belly, braised in coconut juice is one of the most favourite toppings for a hearty meal.


Vegetarian menu set

Typical Vietnamese cooking is already characterised by the use of a vast array of fresh herbs and vegetables. We actually draw inspiration from the peasant food to create this menu. Enjoy the vibrant and tasty Asian flavours with many of Vietnamese dishes now with a vegetarian twist.

Vegetarian Pho with grilled tofu and mushroom

In Vietnam, pho stock is always meat-based. After a lot of trails, we decided to let the winter vegetables sing, adding just the right touch of spices and savoury notes to the delightful sweetness of veggies. Paired with fresh soft noodles, grilled mushroom and tofu, it’s a bowl of goodness and comfort.

Tracey's Sweet Potato, taro and turmeric croquettes

Another example of peasant food making its way back onto city plates. Reminiscent of French potato croquettes, these make a wonderful snack.

Saute mushroom sticky rice with mung bean and fried shallots

We love the rich and wonderful textures of this dish - the crunch of fry shallots against the smooth of mung bean and mushroom as well as the chewy sweet texture of the sticky rice.


One drink included per person with the set menu. 

Tracey's Egg coffee
Tracey's Yogurt coffee
Matcha iced cube latte
Green tea and pandan hot tea 
Coconut juice

Extra Bites

Option to purchase 

Tracey's Nem ran - Hanoi style spring roll
Tracey's Sweet potato, taro and turmeric croquettes 
Grilled Wagyu beef betel leave 


Option to purchase

Cream cheese pannacotta and longan in pandan syrup
Coconut gluten free pancakes with seasonal fruits

Vietnamese Sunday Brunch

8, 15 October (Hanoi Street Food Menu)
47-51 Boundary Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3051


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