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Introducing Rice Kitchen’s Tasting Feast Box!

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Rice Kitchen’s Tasting Feast Box is the perfect way to try some of our finest dishes and experience our service. Each Tasting Feast Box contains 3 dishes to create a well-balanced and tasty Asian meal. It would easily feed 3-4 people, making it perfect for a cozy family meal or a more intimate gathering.

Rice Kitchen is offering 2 Tasting Feast Boxes, with a little something for everyone.

Our Tasting Box consists of son-in-law eggs, coconut beef larb and tempura eggplant mantou (steamed buns).

We also offer a Vegetarian Tasting Box, which gives you a chance to try our famous tempura eggplant mantou, spiced edamame and a vegan-friendly dessert of tropical sago pudding.

Rice Kitchen Tasting Feast Box is $60, and we have thrown in FREE SHIPPING to make it even more affordable to cook an amazing Asian feasts at home!

Like all of our FEAST BOX, you will receive fresh ingredients and detailed recipes. We have taken care of the menu planning, shopping and most of the food preparation to help you cook with ease and confidence in the kitchen.

Let’s get the party started by ordering your Tasting Feast Box by 8am Wednesday for Friday delivery.

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