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Meet the winner of our stunning DIY dinner party prize pack

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Congratulations to Cherrie Moore on the winning of Rice Kitchen and Salt&Pepper prize pack!

We picked the winner for the giveaways using and did not know that she is a Melbourne food blogger until we delivered the prize to her. We love all the things Cherrie creates and captures. So, here is our quick chat with Cherrie about her passion for food and her ‘hygge’ experience with Rice Kitchen.

Cherrie cooked a stunning feast with her prize pack

Cherrie cooked a stunning feast with her prize pack.

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? When did you start blogging about food? What inspired you doing it? 

I started blogging back in 2006.  The main reason why I started my food blog is to keep the record of what I was cooking and how I was cooking it.  Friends would also ask me for recipes so blogging was a way to do both. I love cooking and baking and wanted to share my passion for it. Blogging also helps me meet like-minded people. People that also have a passion for food. They have become my dearest friends. 

2. Why did you enter the Rice Kitchen and Salt&Pepper giveaway and how did you feel being the winner? 

I wanted to try Rice Kitchen I have seen Instagrams and tweets on the delicious meals. I saw that my friends had tried it and had nothing but great things to say about Rice kitchen. I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen and cook up a feast. 

 3. Overall, did you and your family/friends enjoy feasting with the Hygge Pack?

My family was really excited to taste the feast. They saw all the lovely fresh ingredients that had arrived and couldn’t wait for me to cook it all up. 

Cheerie's amily totally loved the prawn and anchovy salad.

Cheerie's family totally loved the prawn and anchovy salad.

 4. What did you like the most about the Hygge Pack? What improvements do you think we should work on?

I loved the lovely fresh ingredients included in the pack. I loved how it was already portioned and how some the ingredients were already cut. No wastage. The only thing I have to say is in regards to the recipe cards. There was an ingredient that was not included in the pho recipe but luckily on the sachet (red wine vinegar) it's instructed to mix it with the beef prior to cooking.  

5. Oh, was the food taste better with the Salt&Pepper dinnerware?

Food is always tastier when it served on lovely platters and dishes.  We not only eat with our mouths but also with our eyes.

Black rice pudding

Black rice pudding for dessert.

6. Finally, did you and your family enjoy the “Hygge" feeling? 

The family did enjoy the “Hygge” feeling. The pho was very comforting on a cold evening. It also made the house smell homely. The spices wafted through the house. It warmed us up and filled our happy bellies. 

Slow-cooked beef pho

Hearty slow-cooked beef pho.

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