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Rice Kitchen Feast Boxes are your best friend in the kitchen and the simple solution for a perfect dinner party.

Our Feast Box menus are designed as “shared plates”. Growing up in Asia, we love the spirit of communal eating, where people gather around the dining table, sharing delicious food in a warm atmosphere. Sharing a meal also allows everyone to try a bit of everything. It is the perfect way to bring everyone together!

With our Feast Box menus, you’ll cook up your next dinner party with ease. We’ve done the hard work for you by doing all the planning, shopping and most of the preparation. In each box you’ll find the finest ingredients and detailed instructions on how to prepare an authentic Asian feast to serve 6 people comfortably. We have also included a preparation checklist to help you along the way.

We believe good food begins and ends with top ingredients. The foundation of good cooking is always using fresh and quality produce. That combined with dedication and love, magic always happens.

4 Easy Steps To The Perfect Gathering

You choose the Feast Box menu

We source and prepare the freshest ingredients

Deliver a DIY Feast Box to your door

You cook, add love and magic happens!


Are you a subscription service? 
No. It is totally up to you to order as much or as often as you want! However, we only deliver on Friday and Saturday each week. You'll need to place your order by 9am Wednesday for Friday delivery.

What's in a feast box? 
Everything you need for an awesome dinner party (Well, almost! Since the magic of cooking is still done lovingly by you!).

We will provide all ingredients, easy to follow instructions and checklist so you can cook with ease. You may require some standard pantry items (such as sugar or oil), which are listed in our product descriptions.

Each feast comes with 2-3 small dishes, and a main dish enough for 6 people. Our portion size is very generous since this is a FEAST and you don’t want people to come home hungry!

What does add on include? 
Sometimes we all want a bit extra food to make our gathering a little bit more special, or to cater for additional guests.

The add-on options will help you do just that.You will find some of our best signature dishes plus a range of awesome desserts to choose from.

Alternatively, you may choose order a number of dishes and desserts in the add-on section to create your own menu.

Do you have only 3 Feast Boxes available?
At any one time, we aim to have 3 Feast Boxes. We will update our menu (both Feast Box and Add-on dishes) seasonally so stay tuned! Remember to subscribe to our newsletters for all the details.
I'm catering for more than 6 people. What should I order?
Our Feast box serves 6 people generously. If you have more guests coming, we suggest you to add one or two savoury dishes from the ‘Add on’ section. All of our dishes (except for desserts) are to be shared so adding one or two dishes would help cater for additional guests.
I have a small party of less than 6. What should I do?
We would suggest you order a standard Feast (Who doesn’t love some yummy leftover?). Alternatively, you can order 2-3 single dishes from the ‘Add on’ section.
Do I need any other ingredients, such as salt or cooking oil?
Yes, but only some basic kitchen items such as oil, salt and pepper. That’s about it! We will supply all the fresh produce, home-made sauces and premium Asian pantry items.

In each of our recipe page, we have clearly indicated what you will need from the pantry to assist with the planning process!

What cooking skills do I need to cook Rice Kitchen recipes?
We believe that home cooking is more than just skills, and we have designed our recipes to help ensure success in the home kitchen.

If you can follow recipe instructions, you can certainly cook our recipes with confidence. All the ingredients have been measured and cooking steps have been simplified to make cooking a breeze.

We are also publishing cooking tips on our blog and newsletters so do subscribe to our content updates! And of course, if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

How about kitchen equipment, what do I need to cook Rice Kitchen recipes?
Again, you won’t need anything fancy to cook our food. Standard kitchen items should be quite enough. By that we mean a few pots and pans, knives, measuring spoons, can opener, ladle and thongs etc. We assume that your kitchen has an oven and a microwave oven. Things like a steamer or rice cooker may come handy, but are not necessary.
Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
Ah, we know so well the difficulty of catering for different dietary requirements! Since dietary requirements are vast, we prefer to work with you directly to see if we can customise our products to your needs. We promise to try very hard, so do not hesitate to contact us. Just don’t leave it until the last minutes!

On the topic of special diets, have you seen our Vegetarian Delights Feast Box? Also, most of the desserts in the ‘Add on’ section are naturally gluten free and vegan friendly!

I am not in Melbourne. How can I order your food?
At the moment, we are only ready to serve Melbourne metro area. Leave us a note via contact form if you are interested in our service. We are of course looking for expansion when it is appropriate.  Follow Rice Kitchen journey through newsletters, Instagram and Facebook.


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